By interrogating reality, provoking creativity, inspiring change & rejecting mediocrity we will grow into exceptional leaders.


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What if I told you that a tiny shift in thinking could have a massive impact on your future - - would you want to grow more?  A single profound insight could help you radically grow your business, launch a career or improve a relationship. I've had the privilege of having world-class leaders invest in me and I've seen the impact in my life. We want to do the same for others. At Leader's Edge, we are passionate about helping our clients interrogate their reality, provoke creativity, reject mediocrity, inspire change and pursue their dream.

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Most businesses stagnate after just a few years of growth. Why is that? The main problem is that instead of relentlessly focusing on what is important most leaders focus on everything else. This is called the "tyranny of the urgent." We see this almost every day. When this happens the machinery of the organization begins to get clogged up and often times outdated. This is when creativity lags and the cutting edge becomes dull. Our goal is to help leaders and their teams fine-tune and supercharge their organizational performance.


It Starts With Your Dreams

Where do you want to go?

We listen to your story. We pay attention to your dreams. We help you create a better future for yourself and those around you.  Our clients range from CEO's of large multi-million dollar companies to the entrepreneurial startup just launching a career. With each and every client we take a very personalized and personable approach. Our passion is helping you discover where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

My Story

I've been engaged in leadership development for over twenty-five years. At twenty-eight years of age, I founded a non-profit humanitarian organization from scratch. Over the next twenty-two years, we grew to be very large, working in five countries and impacting hundreds of thousands of lives. Along the way, I learned a great deal about leadership and team development. I started Leader's Edge because I have fallen in love with the profound impact that exceptional leadership and high performing teams can make. I strongly believe that leaders change the world. Whether it's in a personalized one-to-one coaching relationship or a large scale customized consulting program, I deeply enjoy helping high performing leaders create a better future for themselves and others.

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If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and mighty sea.

Antoine de Saint Exupery


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